Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

All of our items include second class postage with Royal Mail. No additional charge! We also offer super fast special delivery. 


Our staff is always making sure our items are well looked after, dry cleaned before posting, and if the item got returned from a customer. Moreover, all of the items are wrapped with care in recycled paper.   


We value that each fitting makes a new chapter in individuals wardrobe. The more you try, the better your understanding is of what you want, why, and how. We don't believe in fashion rules, we know each one of us if different and taste is more of a mindset!

Return & Exchange Policy

In case if any of the items were not fitted you the way you wanted, we offer a tailor appointment or online consultation. We have a special team who will be able to get your favourite piece of clothing fit you! You can let us know about the measurements that you need if it's too small or too big, we can make it work for you! 


If the item doesn't meet your preferences aside from fitting we offer Return & Exchange policy, which includes money back and free of charge consultation about other items you might like. Each package has the sender information which is also available on our website. 


We want people to have open mind and choose and buy only things they truly love. This is why we value so much renting and spending time in our shop. This gives you the opportunity to try more, buy less and have fun!