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Creativity & love: the golden threads of my career

by Rebecca Weef Smith

The team at Gigi's invited me to talk at their series of Work It events to discuss my career. In itself that was funny because I never actually considered I had one.

My career has been a series of loosely connected events which evolved as I always say yes to anything offered:

"Can you dress windows?"

Gigi with Rebecca Weef Smith feeling the creativity & love whilst preparing for our Work It event


"Can you be in Chelsea by 9 am?"


"Do you wanna go to Cannes next week to look after my children for the summer?"


"Do you fancy living in LA for a year?"


"Are you okay with being the youngest manager the company has ever had?"


I could go on but you get the gist...

But as random as my employment has been there are two threads: creativity and love.

I haven't done anything in my life that didn't use those strengths.

From my first fashion job with Crocodile in Kensington to the role I have now as Editor of #GOLDIEmagazine I have creatively shaped my life based on my love of people; my belief that we are all doing our best and are created by our environment has always led me to want to make a difference in whatever work I have done and continue to do.

I have had what could be described as spectacular failures which I'm more than happy to talk about as I see them as opportunities - albeit intensely painful ones - to learn more.

I am also happy to talk about emotions, share laughter and tears, and offer styling tips. All of which was touched on on Thursday evening!

Oh and I got to dress the windows, talk about my silver shoes, my mother, sustainable fashion and mindful-dressing.

What a brilliant evening, with lovely people and great clothes.

You can find out more about Rebecca at

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