About Gigi

I have 18 years expertise in fashion styling, broadly specialising in select vintage and the creation of complete personalised looks and wardrobes. I am passionate about supporting people to express themselves and find confidence in their own style through different stages of life. I love to dress the modern client finding pieces from any era to create something fresh and new!


Personal Styling and Wardrobe Edits

I love to find out about the needs and desires of my clients. Whether it is informally when customers pop into the shop for a browse and a chat, or through personal styling consultations. Dressing is so personal and I start by actively listening to my clients aiming to empower them to create a style that makes them feel confident, is practical, ecological and beautiful.

The consultations start with interviews. Afterwards, a member of my team will take time to gather select pieces for you, cultivating in a personal styling session. After the interviews I also offer wardrobe edits, where we can go through your closet with fresh eyes, editing, creating looks, mending and customising to re-appreciate and make the most of what you already have and reflecting on what key pieces might be needed to bring forward your look. Once we have done so I can offer to buy strategic pieces that strengthen your wardrobe. Furthermore, in the future, when you pop into the shop I will have a grounding in your style and be able to support your needs.

Upcycling and customisation

My desire to create something contemporary from vintage pieces has led me into customisation and upcycling. I have collaborated with seamstresses and designers to create jewellery and clothing but also with specific customers to make pieces work for them.