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I’m a designer and personal stylist specialising in Red Carpet looks for events and everyday dressing. I love connecting my clients with their own unique style and bringing out their natural magnetic energy.


The traditional styling approach is to 'follow the rules to dress (and mostly hide) your body shape'.  I believe there are no rules and celebrate the uniqueness of you, in your full magical glory. When what you're wearing is aligned with your natural energy, you'll show up with confidence and shine effortlessly.

I believe there are no rules and to celebrate the uniqueness of you

My clients include actors, artists and people who are ready to break with tradition and share more of themselves through what they wear. I create unseen looks by combining contemporary design with found pieces (including rare vintage).


I also consult with couture fashion houses on the development of their collections and promotional photo shoots.

I'm driven by a belief that we deserve to feel good in and be excited by what we wear every day, while being able to care for the environment, I curate a range of clothes that are beautifully made in high quality fabrics for my slow fashion store in East London.
My stock of unique clothing is updated weekly and includes new, as new, my designs preordered to measure and high end vintage pieces.

GIGI’s is a slow fashion concept

Personal style is at the heart of what we offer. Together with my team, we'll guide you to create a wardrobe of pieces that light you up. My message is: Buy what you love; buy quality; and buy less. To enhance the feel-good factor, we offer tailored alterations to ensure the perfect fit. Our sustainable approach is underlined by offering high occasion pieces for hire.

Our occasion pieces have been seen at the world’s most dazzling events including The Oscars, the Brit Awards ,The Grammies, and the Cannes Film Festival. Customers refer to the experience of shopping and being styled by me as magical, joyful, and transformational.

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